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  1. Welcome REVO

    REVO Hardware

    Just when you thought we couldn't get any more top brands online Progressive Parts are extremely proud to bring REVO hardware to their our already impressive line-up!

    Back in 2002 When REVO started up they generally concentrated on software and quickly made a name for themselves in the VAG world providing top of the range software files for tuning Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, this grew to include Skoda and Seat tuning and the name became one of the best in the business. From there they expanded to cover FORD models and their level of research and development was legendary.

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  2. Digital Tuning Boxes vs. Engine Remapping

    Car ElectronicsThis is a question we get asked time and time again...

    “What is best? A tuning Kit/Box or a Re-map?”

    At first it seems like a simple question to answer however it's one which many people jump to a conclusion because it suits them. Each system has its own pros and cons and therefore different setups suit different customers. Therefore from our experience the question can not be answered until the client knows what they want from their vehicle.

    So what are the Pros and cons of each?

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  3. How Kline are making a name for themselves in the world of performance exhaust systems

    Kline Exhaust Systems


    Kline are renowned for creating some of the finest exhaust systems for some of the most prestigious and exotic vehicles in the world. Progressive Parts goes behind the scenes to find out what sets Kline apart from the rest.

    When we were first asked by our customers to source a prestige exhaust we have to say that Bucharest, Romania was not where we expected to find what we were looking for… However nestled in this nation’s capital we found a diamond in the rough....

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  4. Tuning Boxes – JB1/4 vs DTUK

    “I want to buy a tuning box, what are my options and which is best?”

    As a parts supplier we get asked this question A LOT! So we decided that we needed to write a quick blog showing the facts of both systems. This blog is completely impartial because Progressive parts can supply the JB1 , JB4 and DTUK kit to you so the choice really is up to you and what system suits your needs best.

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