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MK8 Golf R Revealed

So last week the new generation MK8 Golf R was announced on YouTube last week (4th November 2020) and is one of the rare highlights of the year. The real question is whether the MK8 Golf R is going to be the development car for Progressive Parts of whether we’ll go for the new S3/RS3 – there’s also rumours that a MK8 Golf R Plus is in the works which will come with 400bhp and will be a rival to the Mercedes A45 AMG S.Check out the launch video below

MK8 Gold R Release Date

The order book for the MK8 has already opened and you can spec it on the VW site right now, we expect people ordering now to be receiving their cars early 2021 – what a way to start a new year.

MK8 Golf R Price

The Mk8 Golf R has now been put on the official Volkswagen website, with the price starting from £39,270One of the options we’d certainly be speccing is the “R Performance Package” that will up the speed limiter to 168mph and more excitingly allow the car to go in to drift mode! which is £2,000.Some other notable options includeWinter pack (including 4 heated seats, heated steering wheel and tri-zone air con) – £470DCC – £785Harmon Kardon – £625We’d give the Akrapovic exhaust a miss at £3,000 and look to put on a more affordable aftermarket solution instead.

MK8 Golf R Engine

The new Golf R contains an updated version of the same engine that came in the previous-gen Golf R, S3, Cupra & TTS code-named the EA888. Which is a turbocharged 2.0 petrol engine. The improvements have meant that they’ve been able to extract an extra 10bhp out of it (when it came out with the 310hp version). Taking is to 316HP or 320PS.

MK8 Golf R Features

As standard, the Golf R now comes with an auto gearbox however there are rumours a manual can be specced. It’ll sit 20mm lower than a regular MK8 Golf and will receive uprated brakes and a more engaging power steering. The MK8 Golf R will also come with signature dual tailpipes and air-funnelling bodywork.You’ll also see a light that spans the entire bonnet and an exciting new “R” button on the steering wheel.

MK8 Golf R Drift Mode

As everyone has seen from the announcement video the new Golf R contains something no one expected; Drift Mode. Drift mode will optimise the car’s setup to allow it to produce incredible drifts for significantly less than an A45.

MK8 Golf R compared to the 8Y S3 and a few others

The below figures are taken from various sources on the internet as not all figures have been officially published. There were also a number of different power outputs on the MK7 Golf R. The Prices are also based on rough estimates from AutoTrader and taken from when each car was purchased new. 

MK8 Golf R MK7 Golf R 8Y S3 A45S
Price £37,000* £32,000 (2018) £39,000 £52,000
Power (PS) 320 310 310 420
0-62 4.6 4.9 4.8 3.9
Gearbox Auto/Manual Auto/Manual Auto Auto
Drift Mode YEAH Nope Nope Yeah

MK8 Golf R Mods

Obviously, it’s very early days yet but many aftermarket car part companies have got the new Golf R on order, so they can start doing development work on it. If you follow VAG tuners and performance part manufacturers you’ll be able to see some of the research and development that a lot of the manufacturers are doing right now.As the MK8 R contains an updated version of the EA888 engine it’s a platform we at Progressive Parts have a lot of experience working on, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one in the future.We’ve already started putting together compatible products here MK8 Golf R Parts,

The new Volkswagen R Youtube Channel

To celebrate and promote the latest generation of Volkswagen R vehicles VW have created a new channel just for them.Check it out.

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