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Who are Ferodo

Ferodo have been designing and producing brakes directly for manufacturers for over 100 years for both general consumer vehicles and also have a specialist racing division which focuses on creating high performance braking parts for motorsports (racing cars, motorcycles and karts) giving them a true racing pedigree.In the last 10 years Ferodo have produced over 430 million brake pads that have been installed by manufacturers on their vehicles on the production line, and they can currently be seen on over 100 top-selling cars.In 1963 Donald Campbell set the landspeed record at 403.1 mph which even now is incredible, what you should know is that his car is safely brought back down from that speed to a complete stop using Ferodo braking technology.

Ferodo Brakes

As of 2015 Ferodo introduced the production of complete braking products allowing them to be a complete turnkey solution for all braking needs. The brand now has a wide range of braking solutions to cover a broad spectrum of needs.

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Ferodo brake applications

Ferodo produce braking solutions for 3 main divisions;

Light vehicles

also known as consumer vehicles, Ferodo produce a wide range of products from disks and brakes to calipers, hydraulics, fluids and even cables for light consumer vehicles. These products are rigourously tested and developed for the average road user which is why many manufacturers use them as the go to on their vehicles.

Commercial vehicles

Commercial products include premier brake pads dicks and linings which come with extra durability and reduced wear, reducing maintenance costs and providing a longer life, helping manufacturers and operators to keep vehicle fleet management costs as low as possible whilst keeping their drivers and the public safe.

Ferodo Racing Brake Pads

The Ferodo racing division produce the DS Performance range which gives car owners a replacement road braking pad which has the feel of a racing compound without sacrificing day to day performance and usability.The best thing about Ferodo racing is that their performance brake pads come with a choice of compound which allows the driver to tailor the brakes to meet their specific needs.

How does DS take it even further?

The DS range is for drivers that want their brakes to have more bite, Ferodo developed the DS range brakes using their racing pedigree to deliver performance braking and the feel of a racing compound without losing manufacturer.

DS2500 pads – Road/Track

DS2500 are amongst the best high performance hybrid road/track day pads in the business. It is also one of the main choices for performance enthusiasts on the road because it delivers significant braking performance whilst being refined during daily driving.

  • Track day & light race use for all vehicle types
  • Road style refinement but with race material ability to withstand heat with respect to life and µ
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.42 over working temperature range of 20°-500°C

The DS2500 is the pad we recommend for the majority of our clients to install on their vehicles that are for road use. If you are taking your vehicle on the track we are able able to provide one of the other compounds as per your requirements.

DS3000 – Track – Not suitable for the road

The DS3000 compound from Ferodo has been the braking standard for over 20 years and has countless podium finishes from being installed on winning touring car, rally and GT vehicles in championships around the world.

  • Heavy duty all-round material choice
  • Short bedding time
  • Multiple applications including touring car, rally, Group N, single seat, hill-climb
  • Average friction coefficient 0.48 over working temperature range of 200°-650°C

DS3.12 – Track – not suitable for the road

The DS3.12 is a heavy-duty track compound, tested in the top tier of GT racing and is suitable for larger and heavy non-formula vehicles on the track. It is the most super compound Ferodo produce in terms of both friction coefficient and performance consistency at very high temperatures.

  • Highest friction coefficient and bite in the Ferodo Racing range
  • Reproducible and stable performance up to 850°C under all pressure and speed conditions
  • Excellent management of ABS during the brake event
  • Longest pad life of Ferodo Racing range under heavy duty track use
  • Recommended for track use on larger vehicles with ABS
  • Recommended for sprint and medium duration races

DS1.11 – Track – not suitable for the road

Utilising genuine ceramic technology, the DS1.11 keeps on working up until the highest temperatures that a brake pad could ever experience. It wont experience brake fade and will have excellent longevity, this is the absolute best Ferodo has for racing.

  • Heavy duty endurance material
  • Applications – touring car, GT, single seat
  • Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-700°C
  • Long life
  • Very kind to discs

DSUNO – Track – not suitable for the road

DSUNO is the latest heaving duty racing compound from the Ferodo Racing division and is already proven within GT, touring car, formula and rally competitions. These pads produce a high friction output without sever compromise of the pad and disk lifespan.

  • Heavy duty semi-endurance material
  • Applications – touring car, GT, single seat, rally
  • Average friction coefficient 0.48 over working temperature range of 200°-700°C
  • Very controllable torque output
  • Very kind to discs
  • Long life

4003 – Track (lightweight vehicles) & Rally usage – not suitable for the road

The 4003 compound was developed specifically for physically lighter vehicles during races on both the track and rally stage.

  • Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-450°C
  • Very short bedding time
  • Excellent bite
  • Low drag & Excellent release
  • Offers control to avoid wheel lock when downforce reduces

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