The best M140 & M240 modifications

Blog feature 140i 240i performance mods

These parts are recommendations for the F20 M135 & M140 & the F22 M235 & M240i

The F20 platform is a very special thing indeed, a 6 cylinder RWD car in a fantastic compact package. In fact this especially made the F20 unique as the only hatchback on the market with those characteristics, it unfortunately was also the last of it’s breed now BMW has gone to 4WD (and 2 litre) on it’s performance vehicles.

The original M135 & M235 came with the N55 engine which was widely regarded for a lot of reasons however it did have some shortcomings.

In the M140 & M240 versions BMW installed it’s B58 engine which has been regarded as one of the greatest engines in modern times. It’s now found in models higher up the vehicle line up like the 3,4 and 5 series but also BMW SUVs like the X5/X6 because of its incredible performance even when stock. The exciting thing is that the engine is actually good for a lot more power and we’ve even seen people who have the b58 running at up to 650 wheel horsepower and that’s on stock internals.

B58 JB4

As mentioned above, the B58 is a fantastic engine that can withstand a lot more power than the 340 that comes with it from factory. By installing a JB4 you can achieve up to an additional 80 BHP – taking it to 420, significant enough to make your Mlite even more exciting.


If you’re looking to start with exhaust modifications then a downpipe to remove restriction is a great first step. Just check out the many youtube videos of an M140 with a downpipe mod and listen to the difference – there’s a lot so make sure you factor in time for research. If you’re not looking to replace a full system, a downpipe is a must.


The M140, is incredible. the original M135 and pre-ppf M140 sounded incredible, unfortunately when the PPF came into the Mlite it took away a lot of the epic sound. When you start up your M140/240 with an aftermarket time you’ll have a huge grin on your face, just like when you’re banging through the gears.

When you do come to make a purchase, ensure it is the correct one for your vehicle as there are differences with routing and pre/post filter.

Induction mods

One of the first modifications owners make to their M140/M240 is to install an aftermarket intake, it’ll give you a small boost of power, better throttle response, an awesome intake sound and prepare your car for stage 2 and beyond. The good thing about induction modifications whether thats a replacement panel filter or a complete aftermarket system, they are things someone comfortable with tools could install on their vehicle on their driveway.

Suspension mods

Pretty much the biggest weakness of the M140 is it’s handling and suspension, if you make no other changes to the vehicle but upgrade the suspension you’ll have a completely different animal on your hands. You can start small with lowering springs (that’ll also improve the stance) and move all the way up to a full suspension kit.


Owners love the B58 because of it’s performance stock but also its tuning potential, there are many people running stage 2 and above and the engine can take it as long as you have adequate modifications to help it. Cooling is a massive part of that.

Throttle Response Mod

The problem with forced induction vehicles and many cars these days is throttle response, mainly because it can take a while for a vehicle to come on boost. Installing a throttle response module, if you also go for the IOTuning module it is also an immobiliser.

M135/M140 Bodykit

The M135/M140 is a fantastic sleeper car, it can frequently be mistaken for a 118d in your local car park, unless someone in the know spots it and can recognise it from the canards and duel exit exhaust. Make yours stand out with some aesthetic modifications.

Before you do go ahead and purchase, make sure you check the item fits on your vehicle, depending on if you’ve gone for a 3 or 5 door.

M235/M240 Bodykit

The M235/M240 is a much better looking car compared to the 1 series, it looks much more aggressive but to the untrained eye still looks fairly run of the mill, in that it could be confused with the entry level diesel 2 series (until it’s started up).

Installing an aftermarket body kit like a splitter/side skirts and diffuser can make yours looks incredible.

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