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Just a few of the reasons to choose a quality tuner backed by a global support network.
You didn't compromise on your vehicle, so why risk compromising on its software.

ECU Software

Revo Golf R Software

Revo Stage 1 software is designed to work without any mandatory hardware changes to the vehicle, that being said certain hardware modifications can improve stock vehicle behaviour and improve you chances of reaching those peak figures.

Only Revo operates a Global Development Programme through its network of over 400 Revo Authorised Dealers worldwide. Access to vehicles on this scale enables the calibration team to fine-tune products before release, testing products in a wide range of climates and conditions including altitude, fuel quality, humidity. This also allows Revo to test how their products perform in different driving scenarios and formed a vital part in the development of Performance ECU Software.

TCU Software

Revo ECU & TCU Software

Revo TCU Software offers improved response and optimised shift points but maintains the characteristics of Drive and Sports mode. Manual mode now gives you more control by disabling the automatic kick down feature, unlike drive mode where if you plant your foot the gears automatically kick down, allowing you to select the gear you want and make the most of the increased torque from Revo ECU software.
Automatic upshift is still active all in modes to offer the best performance and safety for your engine, whilst Dynamic Launch Control allows you to launch at various RPM points depending on your throttle position, improving your 0-60mph times.


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