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I have not received an order confirmation email

Always check your spam folder first. Sometimes, the order confirmation email lands up in the spam folder due to the email inbox settings.

If you do not receive an order confirmation email immediately after an order has been placed, the email address may have been entered incorrectly or the order process was not completed successfully.

Cancellations or modifications to your order contents

Modifications need to be processed by our Customer Support Team. As long as your order has not been packed for dispatch, modifications and cancellations can be processed quickly and easily.

We do our best to change orders up to the last minute, but due to the time constraints and volume of orders it’s not always possible to make changes prior to dispatch.

Please note that any product cancellations within any one order may incur additional delivery fees may occur if the total order value is not eligible to free delivery promotions or offers.

When your order has been cancelled the details are passed to our Accounts Department for a refund to be processed. If the order has already been dispatch, this process cannot start until the goods are returned to us in the condition they left. Returning the consignment to us will be the responsibility of the customer including any delivery costs incurred.

To cancel an order please confirm your request in writing to our [email protected] from the email address used in the order. For GDPR compliance we are unable to accept requests from anyone other than the person who placed the order.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

Refunds are processed in-house by our accounts department in a timely manner once confirmed. The time between merchant gateways processing your refund varies depending on provider and bank.

  • Card Payments – VISA/Mastercard/AMEX cars can take 5-7 days for traditional banks to process funds back to your account.
  • PayPal – Depending on your PayPal account type this can be instant or up to 5 days. In some instances PayPal choose to process refunds via e-cheque  which can take longer to process. This is out of our control, please contact PayPal directly if delays persist.
  • Klarna – 5-7 working days for cancellations, refunds and partial refunds if funds have been captured.

My order failed, but funds are missing from my account?

In the world of online shopping and even face-to-face chip & pin transactions It’s extremely common for banks to pre-authorise funds in anticipation of a transfer (payment) being made. This usually happens in a split second but sometimes if an order is cancelled/rejected/blocked it can pause this process.

This is nothing to worry about, funds are simply temporarily held by your bank so they can’t be allocated elsewhere. Depending on your bank, these usually reappear within 24 hours and more often sooner. If an issue persists please contact your bank directly.

Progressive Parts Ltd. does not capture or hold these funds. We therefore have no influence over the speed, nor have further information about the process as the transaction was never authorised & captured from our side. It’s tempting to shout at our staff, but please don’t. Thank you 🙂

Where is my order?

Please utilise the ‘Track my order’ form to contact our dispatch team.

Track an order

I need to amend my billing/shipping address

We cannot amend a billing address on any order. These are used by banks and credit brokers to verify your identity when purchasing online.

If you require the shipping address to be modified on an order, please contact our team using the form below. Depending on your payment method this may or may not be possible as certain fraud protection measures take into account verified addresses for the customer.

If you have simply made a typing error on either address please also contact us using the form below.

I have received a damaged package/item. How do I proceed?

If a courier delivers a package which is visibly damaged, please only accept if you are given the option to sign or flag “Accepted subject to…” – If this option is unavailable to you (potentially during COVID lockdown restrictions) then please refuse the package.

When there are no visible signs that the package is damaged upon delivery, you accept the package and thereafter only notice that one or more products have been damaged, we kindly ask you contact our team using the form below and submit images/information about the condition of the goods.

Note: DO NOT attempt to fit, modify, utilise the products further if you wish us to investigate the issue. If you proceed to use the product(s) your rights to return at a later date are waived.

My package is lost. What now?

Your package has not been delivered, you haven’t received a card or note from the courier and it hasn’t been left with a neighbour? Please contact us using the form below and allow our team to investigate.

Progressive Parts Ltd. do not allow consignments to be left unattended due to the nature, and often value, of our products. Our couriers are contracted to never leave a parcel unattended without further instruction.

The customer may overrule this information by responding to the app/text/email notifications and allow packages to be left in a “safe place” or delivered to a neighbour. Please note, at this point the responsibility and liability shifts to the customer from Progressive Parts Ltd.

I have received the incorrect product

If you have received a part which doesn’t match the part number(s) on your invoice, our apologies! A mix-up could have occurred throughout the dispatch process. We kindly ask you contact the team.

If your product is correct but is not compatible with your vehicle please contact our team via the Returns page to organise returning the product to us.

Note: If you believe you’ve received an incorrect product in your order, DO NOT attempt to fit, modify, utilise the product(s) further if you wish us to investigate the issue. If you proceed to use the product(s) your rights to return at a later date are waived.

Incomplete order received

It’s very common for orders to be split for a few reasons.

  • The volume of the consignment requires multiple packages (courier limits).
  • An order may be shipped from multiple warehouse locations.
  • It may be a faster process for you to receive products from multiple locations.
  • Stock shortage has delayed part of the order.

When you receive your dispatch notification from Progressive Parts, please take note of the contents

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