Top Mods for the Audi RS3 8V

Best Mods for Audi RS3

The RS3, now considered a hyper hatch since it blows away all of the so called hot hatches contains the infamous 2.5 TFSI engine that came in two power outputs; 367ps and 400ps and has three different engines – the CZGB (365ps), the DAZA (400ps) and the DNWA 2019 onwards (400ps). While all of these hardware mods will work on both you will potentially get different results from the hardware and definitely different results from the software.

If you’re interested in tuning your car, make sure you check out our recommendations below, we cover performance tuning parts and also software, if you love your RS3 now, these mods will really improve your experience both on the road and the track.

Please note many of these mods will also apply to the TTRS (8S) but if you’ve got any queries give us a call we’ll happily point you in the right direction.

RS3 Performance Parts

Below is our list of RS3 tuning parts that can bolt on mods for your RS3.

RS3 Intake/Induction kit

Helping your RS3 breathe better should be one of the first mods you consider if you’re going after performance and even considering track/fast road use, having a free flowing/less restrictive intake will allow your turbo to do it’s job more efficiently and extract more BHP from the consistent supply of clean, cold air.

RS3 Intercooler

In the same way that the stock intake holds back the air intake of the 5cylinder 2.5L block, the stock intercooler is also restrictive in the way it helps to maintain decent temperatures within the engine. The stock intercooler is fine for stock performance but if you’re going after greater power from the engine then it’s going to require greater cooling to keep the engine safe and to allow it to perform consistently. 

If you swap the intercoolers over yourself you’ll notice that aftermarket intercoolers tend to be 25-25% bigger than the stock one your RS3 came with.

RS3 Exhaust System

An exhaust is a great mod for the Audi RS3 to enhance the sound alongside that 2.5 engine. Two important things to note is that the exhaust fitment is different between the saloon and sportback version of the RS3. Exhausts fitted with a GPF will require a suitable aftermarket exhaust to ensure compliance with the law and to make sure you pass your MOT/don’t have any service issues when the time comes.

The best way to know what exhaust to fit is to listen to different clips on YouTube, and we can also advise on the best solution for you depending on your needs.

Some Audi RS3 came with an optional sports exhaust from factory, which was quite a costly additional extra and this has helped the ones equipped to retain extra value, if you’re researching an RS3 purchase make sure you check to see if yours comes equipped with it or not.

RS3 Secondary decat

If you have a prefacelift RS3 and you’re looking to enhance the sound of it with one of the best bang for buck mods available then consider a straight pipe to replace the secondary cat.

RS3 Brakes

Given the potential BHP you can take the RS3 engine to with a few simple mods, it makes sense to improve stopping power – you’ll be thankful you’ve done it when you need it. This is even more important if you’re tracking your Audi RS3 as aftermarket brakes will last a few laps longer than the stock ones as they will take longer to heat up, and they will cool quicker.

RS3 Lowering springs

The suspension setup on the RS3 is a pretty good balance of planted and comfortable. Lowering springs are a really cost-effective mod for the RS3 allowing you to reduce the centre of gravity and reduce body roll when cornering, this is one of the mods where you’ll notice a real difference in driving performance.

RS3 Performance Software

Below is the list of software recommendations if you’re looking to tune your RS3, you’ll notice an incredible change in how the car drives if you have these installed on your car, especially the remap.

Stage 1 RS3 Remap

If you do nothing else to your RS3 then get a remap, it will completely transform your car as there is an incredible amount of unrealised potential power and torque within the engine.

In terms of power gains; If your RS3 has the CZGB engine with 367 PS will come out with up to 425ps. If you’ve got a facelifted RS3 that came with 400ps from the factory a simple remap can take the engine to up to 490ps which can take the 0-60 to a fraction over 3 seconds!

RS3 DSG Software

The DSG gearbox has a good reputation for reliability and on a stock car you’d describe it as a decent experience, however get into a car that’s had it’s DSG software updated and you can notice a real difference especially in lower gears.

Having your DSG software changed will reduce lag in lower gears, increase the torque limiter (for when you increase power), give you quicker shifts and most importantly to many… an improved launch control.

Summary on our top RS3 mods

The Audi RS3 is one hell of a performance car, whatever your budget there are a range of performance and aesthetic mods you can install to make it your own and the above are just a small selection of options. 

There are of course other mods that you can look in to; big turbo, wheel spacers or lighter alloy wheels, etc or even aesthetic mods like diffusers, spoilers and more but the above will give you a good idea. 

If your RS3 is a real tuning project for you then get in touch we’ll happily guide you.

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