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The MK8 Ford Fiesta ST is a fantastic car for everyone, practical and fun to drive with a 1.5L ecoboost engine putting out 200ps coupled with a good manual gearbox and great steering and it’s a big favourite in the modding community. Whether the 200ps we discuss here or the 180ps both the latest generations of the Fiesta ST are fantastic cars which can be made even better with mods.

Since Progressive Parts are a large part of this community and supply both hardware and software made exclusively for the MK8 Fiesta ST we thought we’d highlight the most popular options for it.We also supply parts for MK7 Ford Fiesta ST180 and parts for the MK7 Fiesta ST200 variant if you’re driving around in a Mark 7.

Imagery: Piston Heads (43788)

MK8 Fiesta ST Remap (Performance Software)

The biggest bang for buck mod in our opinion, the Revo Stage 1 package for the ST will unlock up to 50 additional bhp and 70NM torque with no additional modifications which will have a huge impact on the performance and fun aspect of the drive.

Mk8 Fiesta ST Performance Pack  

The Revo Performance Pack for the MK8 Fiesta ST is a complete package of hardware and Stage 2 GPF software designed to deliver the very best performance gains possible.

Most impressively of all it’s designed to work WITH the factory GPF, factory cat and OEM exhaust system! So you’re getting a fully legal 262PS and 395NM from the 1.5L EcoBoost turbocharged MK8 Fiesta ST. Impressive!


MK8 Fiesta ST Performance Parts

Progress the performance of your Fiesta ST with our range of aftermarket parts for both fast road and track use.

MK8 Fiesta ST Intakes

Help your ST breathe better by installing one of our aftermarket intakes from a range of reputable manufacturers, an uprated intake should allow your engine to get more and cleaner air allowing for consistent performance throughout the rev range.


MK8 Fiesta ST Intercoolers

We supply intercoolers made by some of the best in the business;  Revo, Wagner, Pro Alloy, AIRTEC and more… You’ll get better engine bay temps reducing the risk of heat soak and a drop in performance.


MK8 Fiesta ST Exhaust

Installing an aftermarket exhaust on your Fiesta ST has a number of benefits, it’ll sound a lot better for one, but they all do sound differently so test a few before you commit. An aftermarket exhaust will generally be less restrictive than the one that came stock on your Fiesta meaning you might realise a small power gain.

Another potential benefit is that aftermarket exhausts do tend to weigh less than their stock parts giving another albeit small performance improvement in that way too.

MK8 Fiesta ST Downpipe

If you don’t quite have the budget or the desire to swap out the exhaust you should consider doing de-cat downpipe or a GPF delete – be warned though, your car might fail emissions regulations so check your local law before you purchase.

Fiesta mk8

Other MK8 Fiesta Mods to consider…

MK8 Fiesta ST Visual Mods

If you’re happy with the performance of your Fiesta ST you might not want to add mods that could invalidate warranty, if you’ve got the modifying bug but don’t want to risk the security of your warranty then consider adding aesthetic mods to make sure whenever you walk away and look back at your car its just that bit more special.

MK8 Fiesta ST Body kits (splitters, spoilers, diffusers)

The Fiesta ST has a great following at shows for the visual mods that their owners put on them. We supply a range of body kit options allowing you to improve the stance and aesthetic on your Fiesta ST.


Fiesta Mk8 ST Dynamic Mirrors

Up your indicator game with a set of dynamic mirror indicators, it’s a quick and subtle change but will make a big difference to how it looks on the road.

Whatever modifications you’re looking to do on your MK8 Fiesta ST we’re here to help. Contact our team if you require assistance locating your next modification…

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