Airtec Motorsport provide performance parts such as intercoolers, intakes and decats for over 20 different car manufacturers with a proven track record in motorsport through the years, each product developed has been tested in real-world conditions, both on the road and racetrack.

Airtec intercooler

Installing an aftermarket Airtec intercooler onto your vehicle will not only increase cooling performance while under load but also have it look much more menacing when you appear in someone's rearview mirror, they will see that you've upgraded your car and tagged it with the infamous Airtec logo.

Airtec induction kit

Replacing the existing induction system on your vehicle with an uprated performance system from Airtec will help increase the volume of cold air entering the engine of your car, this will provide you with a small bump in performance (up to 5-10bhp) and an enhanced induction sound.

Airtec decat

Having an Airtec Motorsport decat installed on your vehicle will not only improve the sound of it while driving but also the performance this is because exhaust gases can exit the vehicle more efficiently.

Airtec hose upgrades

If you're upgrading individual components within the engine bay of your vehicle you really should consider upgrading the hoses in it as well. Installing Airtec hose upgrades will not only allow the components to work more efficiently through better airflow but also you can colour code them to your heart's content - This way if ever you're at a car show and you open the bonnet, you'll be able to show off your colour coded engine bay.

Airtec Motorsport Klarna

If you are looking to spread the cost of your Airtec intercooler or other parts, then you can do so using our finance partner Klarna. when you go to checkout just take the finance box and apply for payment terms that suit you.

Progressive Parts Authorised Airtec distributor

Progressive Parts are an authorised under approved air tech distributor in the UK so you can be sure that when you purchase any Airtec product from us you're getting the genuine item that has undergone hours and hours of research and development.

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