Eibach are the number 1 spring manufacturer in the world, developing and producing springs for a wide range of vehicles and applications from a street going Tesla Model 3 to an off-road ATV.

    Eibach suspension parts

    Eibach produce several performance suspension parts for many vehicles including lowering springs, wheel spacers, performance sway bars and full suspension kits.

    Eibach lowering springs

    Improve the stance and handling of your vehicle on the road with a set of Eibach lowering springs, it’ll look better but it will also handle better around corners.

    Eibach Race springs

    Eibach race springs take the stiffness and handling even further so that you can have even more confidence when you take your vehicle to the track and push it to its limits.

    Authorised Eibach Distributors Progressive Parts

    Progressive Parts are an authorised Eibach distributor and installer so not only can you be confident that you're getting the genuine product from us. if you're located or willing to travel to the northwest then we can install them for you on your vehicle for a small fee. You can then enjoy them on the drive home.

    Eibach purchases with Klarna

    Updating the springs or suspension parts on your vehicle can be quite expensive, especially if you have to pay all that cost in one go, if you purchase your genuine Eibach parts from Progressive Parts then we can help you to spread the cost of that purchase using Klarna.

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