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Important things to know about the DSG gearbox

Dsg gearbox

What Is A DSG Gearbox?

DSG stands for direct-shift-gearbox. It’s an electrically controlled dual-clutch automatic gearbox found in many VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) cars, there are also 6 and 7-speed versions, there is also an 8 speed that came on the A8. The DSG gearbox mainly in the performance cars from each brand such as the RS3/S3, Golf R/GTI or Cupra.

When buying a car from new, the DSG will cost more than its manual counterpart but will have higher performance. Whether you’re taking the car around the track or spend a lot of your time in traffic then opting for the DSG could be well worth the additional investment. DSG gearbox equipped cars will also sell for more than their manual counterparts as they retain their value better (all other things being equal).

The DSG is actually so smooth it’s possible to drive it and not even notice the gear changes.

What Is A DSG Gearbox Service?

Just like any other clutch, the DSG gearbox needs looking after to make sure it runs effectively and consistently. Over time, the gearbox fluid will start to gather impurities which left unchecked can cause internal damage. Part of the long-term maintenance of any gearbox is to get is serviced within specific intervals.

During a DSG service, the gearbox will be checked for any leaks or issues and the used oil within the gearbox will then be drained. Once fully empty then the filter and oil will be replaced.

You can service the DSG gearbox yourself and there are numerous YouTube videos, and online guides going through all the steps but it’s fairly inexpensive to have your DSG gearbox serviced by a professional.

A DSG service takes a lot of oil so if you are going to do it yourself then make sure you have a large container to collect it as it drains from the vehicle when it comes to replacing that oil you will need 5.5 litres of oil.

If you do service the gearbox yourself, you will need to responsibly dispose of the used oil, that’s another reason why we recommend using a professional because they can dispose of it safety and effectively.

Do You Need To Get a DSG Serviced?

Yes. It is vitally important to get your DSG gearbox serviced. This is a critical step in ensuring that your DSG gearbox in well maintained. fluids. If not regularly serviced, significant issues can occur within the clutch eventually leading to permanent damage and a costly repair.

Servicing your DSG gearbox is the best way to retain its performance, durability and the great experience of responsive, seamless gearshifts.

Used DSG gearboxes on auction sites have prices starting from £700 for a 7 speed DSG gearbox and that doesn’t include paying your local specialist to install it. Given the cost of replacement, it makes sense to look after the gearbox you’ve already got.

If you don’t have the gearbox serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation you may also have issues getting any warranty work completed by the manufacturer – assuming your car is within the warranty period. This is because they can decline any repairs to damage that has occurred by not following their recommendations.

When Should You Get Your DSG Serviced?

According to VAG, the DSG should be serviced every 40,000km.

If you drive your DSG-equipped car hard, or it has been tuned, then it’s highly recommended to get the gearbox serviced at more regular intervals. Many enthusiasts get their DSG serviced once a year to keep the car safe under intense loads like being driven on a track.

How Long Does A DSG Service Take?

A DSG service takes about 1-2 hours.

That is not including if there’s a wait to get your car in the service bay. This is because you have to drain the gearbox completely and then refill it, the company doing the service for you will also take the car on a test drive to make sure the gearbox works exactly how it should.

DSG Tuning

Just like an ECU can be tuned, a DSG gearbox can be too! From the factory, the DSG gearbox comes with standard software to meet certain criteria for performance, reliability, emissions and driver experience. These parameters tell the gearbox how to behave and on stock software that’s great but if you’re tuning the car then a DSG tune should be high up on your considerations.

Benefits of a DSG Tune

There are a number of benefits to a DSG Tune:

  • Faster and more responsive gear shifts
  • Higher torque thresholds
  • Improved (faster) launch control

Drawbacks of a DSG tune

There is only one real drawback of a DSG tune and that’s the cost, if you go to a reputable tuner then it does come with a higher cost, however, the result of using a poor DSG tune could mean significant damage to your car and even more expensive repairs.

Revo DSG Tune

Revo’s DSG upgrade enhances the driving experience by improving the response and the limits of the gearbox, making the most of any additional performance hardware and software. In normal driving conditions, your gear shifts will be a refined improvement yet keeping all your vehicles’ drive-ability. When you need improved performance the software will allow higher shifts points and faster responsive, giving your vehicle significant performance improvement – not to mention an improved launch control.

Check out our Revo Tuning page here

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One thought on “Important things to know about the DSG gearbox

  1. Duane says:

    Hi there, are Revo’s performance tune stage 1 a quality tune that won’t harm my DSG transmission, but make it more responsive, torque and fuel efficient in drive mode but more power in sport mode? And where the closest centre in the western cape and price?

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