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Best Engine Covers For The EA888 Gen.4 Evo

Best engine covers for the ea888 gen. 4 evo

Engine Cover Meltdown – A Nightmare for EA888 Gen.4 Owners

This factory’s original foam engine cover (06Q103925L) for the EA888 Gen.4 Evo is far from impressive. It’s flimsy, improperly secured and notorious for its meltdown issues and that’s why VAG recalled over 4000 Golf Rs, GTIs, and other models (recall code: 10H9).

It’s that bad that every car with an EA888.4 engine produced post-2022 leaves the factory without an engine cover!

do88, Forge and APR – The Perfect Solution for Your Engine Cover Woes

Enter APR and do88, who provide the solution for owners of EA888.4 engine vehicles. Their innovative engine covesrs are a full carbon fibre replacement engine cover that snugly fits all EA888.4 engines. Not only does this rid you of the safety risk, but it also significantly enhances the aesthetic of your engine bay.

Cars with EA888 Gen.4 Engines 

The EA888 Gen 4 engine is the power plant in many VAG products. Some of the popular vehicles fitted with this engine include:

  • Golf R, GTI, Tiguan R, T-Roc R
  • Leon Cupra/Ateca/Formentor
  • Audi S3/SQ3

The Problem with the Original Foam Engine Cover

The factory’s original foam engine cover was initially designed to aid in noise reduction. But it turns out, the ‘foam’ whilst it does dampen the noise, it also has several issues.:

  1. Flimsiness: The foam cover cannot handle the engine’s extreme conditions.
  2. Poor Securing: It needs to be secured better, leading to a high chance of it getting loose.
  3. Melting Issues: The cover tends to melt due to excessive heat exposure because the EA888 is usually under incredible load, it could potentially start a fire.

The Recall Fallout

The repercussions of the meltdown fault have been intense, resulting in VAG issuing a recall code: 10H9. This meant recalling over 4000 Golf Rs, GTIs, and several other vehicles fitted with the EA888.4 engine.

Why Choose the Carbon Fibre Replacement Engine Covers?

When it comes to replacing your engine cover, it’s essential to choose a high-quality option that will ensure the safety and longevity of your vehicle whilst also enhancing its aesthetic. By opting for either the  do88 or APR’s carbon fibre replacement engine covers, you can have confidence in your decision and enjoy peace of mind while on the road, here’s why;

Forge engine cover

Strength and Durability

These covers are built to last. Crafted from carbon fibre, they demonstrate an incredible level of durability. What does this mean for your car? Simply put, no more horror stories of engine covers turning into melted blobs.

Carbon fibre possesses impressive heat resistance, making it capable of withstanding your engine’s high temperatures. When it comes to heat management, these aftermarket covers are miles ahead of the ones from factory.

Proper Fitting

The original cover is pretty poorly fitting and can be loose. These aftermarket carbon fibre engine covers have been meticulously designed for a snug fit on all EA888.4 engines. Precision is critical, and that’s precisely what you get with these covers.

Aesthetic Appeal

While functionality is essential, looks are just as important. With these carbon fibre engine covers, your engine bay will turn heads.

Adding a touch of elegance to your car’s appearance can elevate its overall look. The next time you open your bonnet, you’ll be blown away with how good the engine bay looks.

Spotlight on Carbon Fibre – The Ultimate Game Changer

Switching to the carbon fibre replacement engine cover can be a game changer for your car. But what exactly is so great about carbon fibre? It’s lightweight, incredibly strong, and has a high heat tolerance.

The carbon fibre replacement engine covers, each designed meticulously by APR and do88, not only enhance the look of your engine bay but also ensure that it stays protected and secured, allowing you to enjoy your drive without the fire concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s wrong with the EA888 Gen.4 Evo engine foam cover?

The factory’s original foam engine cover is notorious for its meltdown issues due to excessive heat exposure, potentially leading to a fire.

Which vehicles were affected by the engine cover issue?

The issue affected several vehicles, including the Golf R, GTI, Leon Cupra, Leon Formentor, and Audi S3, resulting in a massive recall.

What’s the solution to the engine cover problem?

APR and do88 have come up with a carbon fibre replacement engine cover, which is both robust and adequately secured.

Why choose a carbon fibre engine cover?

Carbon fibre engine covers offer high resistance to heat, excellent fitting, and an aesthetic upgrade.

Are new EA888.4 engine vehicles still being produced without engine covers?

Yes, all EA888.4 engine vehicles manufactured post-2022 come without an engine cover.

Which vehicles are compatible with the new carbon fibre engine cover?

The new carbon fibre engine cover is compatible with all vehicles housing the EA888 Gen.4 engine, including Golf R, GTI, Leon Cupra, Leon Formentor, and Audi S3.

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