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The best exhaust systems for the MK3 Leon Cupra

Best cupra exhausts

The best exhausts for the MK3 Leon Cupra

In order to know the best exhaust for your MK3 Cupra, it depends on a few factors such as; which model of Cupra that you’ve got, what your budget is and what kind of results you are looking for. Below are our recommendations based on the experience we’ve got combined with the purchases our customers have made for their own Cupras since the MK3 was released in 2013.

If you don’t know what model or year your Cupra is, then please double check before making a purchase. You can use a registration lookup or an online insurance quote site to help give you the model based on your registration.

Likewise, exhausts are expensive bits of kit that cost a lot of money to ship (and return), if you are unsure for any reason which exhaust is for you then please give us a call, our experts would be happy to assist you and let you know what model Cupra you have and also advise on the style of the exhaust based on your needs.

Please note – if you have the ST variant of the Cupra then you will need to check that it will have different fitment. Always ensure that the exhaust will fit on your variant.

Type of Exhaust for your Cupra

There are a number of different types of exhaust that you can put on your Cupra with different functionality and options for you to consider.

Cupra Cat-Back Exhausts

The term ‘cat-back’ basically refers to the section of an exhaust system that runs from the ‘back’ of the ‘cat’ – or in other words, the outlet of the catalytic converter – to the exhaust tips. A cat-back exhaust system, therefore, tends to include the pipe from the converter to the muffler and tips.

Resonated/non-resonated Cupra Exhausts

This refers to whether or not the exhaust system has a central silencer or muffler in place. In all instances, it is a non-resonated system that will produce a louder and fiercer sound on a vehicle than an equivalent resonated one, due to its removal of a silencing part.


some cat-back systems have valves in the back-box pipes to enable the car to automatically become louder or quieter, depending on whether the driver has selected ‘eco’, ‘comfort’ or ‘sport’ mode on the car’s dashboard. Some of Scorpion’s systems actually reuse the car’s O.E. valves, but generally speaking, electronic valves will significantly increase the price of the exhaust system.

Cupra Exhaust Tips 

these are available in different shapes and finishes, according to buyer preference. Polished silver or black ceramic styles are popular, although this naturally depends on the brand.

Recommended Cupra Exhaust Brands

This will always be an important factor in the process of selecting a cat-back exhaust system. Here at Progressive Parts, we are happy to able to recommend and supply the systems of an extensive range of trusted brands, such as Scorpion, Milltek, Remus, Cobra and VAGSport.

The best exhaust systems for the mk3 leon cupra

The best exhaust for the Cupra 290 GPF (2018+)

    Cupra 290 (with GPF 2019+) Res Delete

    The best exhaust for the Cupra 300 (2017-2018)

      Cupra 300 Res Delete

      The best exhaust for the Cupra 280/290 (2015-2016)

        Cupra 290 Res Delete

        If you’re considering getting your Cupra remapped to go alongside your exhaust then check out our stage 1 Cupra post.

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