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Toyota Yaris GR Upgrades Now Available

Toyota yaris gr upgrades now available

What is the Yaris GR

Chances are if you’re into your cars then you’ll have heard of the GR Toyota Yaris, if you’re into following car youtubers than you’ll notice half of the UK YouTube car influencers bought one.

The Toyota Yaris GR is a “Rally Homologation Special” built especially so that Toyota could participate in the FIA World Rallly Championship – in order to meet the entry criteria for the competition Toyota had to produce 25000 units within a 12-month production run.

The GR has a 1.6l turbocharged engine coupled with a six-speed manual gearbox and permanent all wheel drive. It comes in 3 door variant only and can go from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and keeps going until it tops out at 142mph and has rally inspired suspension.

If you want to feel like a rally driver with one of the coolest little hot hatchbacks around then jump into a GR Yaris – the beauty of it is that it comes with Toyota build quality and starts at £30,000.

Rally inspired cars really can make the best road cars.

What is GR – Gazoo Racing

GR stands for Gazoo Racing, which is the name of the Toyota racing team.

What does Rally Homologation mean

In motorsports, homologation means the approval process for a vehicle to enter a competition or race, in order to enter the WRC Toyota had to put the GR Yaris into full production.


Toyota GR Yaris mods

We stock a range of modifications and performance products for the GR Yaris, whether you’re looking to improve how it performs on the road or track, or how it looks we’ve got the parts for you.

Performance Upgrades For the Yaris GR

The GR Yaris has been praised by journalists and the everyday driver since it’s release, however, if you’re interested in modifying yours we’ve got a range of parts to give it that Progressive Parts edge.

GR Yaris Power Upgrades

As it’s brand new there aren’t many remap options out for the GR Yaris, there are however two main tuning boxes available.

Both boxes provide approximarely 40bhp to the car which you’ll really notice given its weight and existing performance.

GR Yaris Intakes/Air Filters

If you want to help your Yaris GR breathe better and as a consequence perform better and more consistently under load then picking up an intake should be one of your first mods.

GR Yaris Exhausts

Release power and improve the sound of your GR Yaris with an aftermarket exhaust system.

GR Yaris Suspension Upgrades

Take the GR Yaris suspension further with an aftermarket kit which retains daily driver comfort but helps the Yaris to perform better under fast road and track use.

Visual Upgrades For the Yaris GR

Once you’ve got the performance of your Yaris GR to a point where you’re happy with how it handles the track, the next step is making it look the part.

GR Yaris Bodykit parts

If you are going to be taking your GR on a time trial we’d advise removing these to prevent them breaking should you land on a rock.

GR Yaris Splitters

Enhance the front end of your GR with a splitter kit designed to split air around the vehicle under speed. it also makes it look cool as hell from the front.

GR Yaris Spoilers

The spoiler is usually the first car enthusiasts first visual mod and we can see why, adding the Maxton Design rear spoiler drastically changes the silhouette of the vehicle from the side.

GR Yaris Diffusers

What is the point of having an awesome performance car that has an awesome exhaust if the surround of the exhaust doesnt look as good as it could. Installing a rear diffuser will really frame the twin exhaust and really make your GR look awesome from the back.

GR Yaris Side Skirts

Adding side skirts to your GR Yaris will really complete the exterior aesthetic, just be careful when you’re pulling up alongside a high kerb though as it could prove costly.

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