Inspired by their continued and understated success in motorsport championships for over 20 years, Scorpion and their Red Power prowess have captivated the world’s attention with their superior engineering skills and unique performance exhaust systems. Owning a Scorpion exhaust is a piece of British heritage as well as performance refinement. Scorpion provide a wide range of aftermarket exhaust options so you’ll be able to find the perfect exhaust for your vehicle below.

Benefits of a Scorpion Exhaust

Improved performance

Many enthusiasts report an increase in performance from installing a scorpion exhaust, whilst not guaranteed, this is because the exhausts deliver an improved airflow allowing the engine to perform more efficiently.

Scorpion exhausts are hand crafted in the UK

Red Power also gives you the comfort factor that the system you have specified has been hand crafted by a Scorpion automotive engineer in the UK - not mass produced in the far east like many of todays most expensive brands whose popularity is simply the result of paid endorsements, media manipulation and advertising hype. Scorpions hand built systems not only give you real exclusivity, but added value too. Scorpion don’t just charge what we feel the market will stand for a premium grade exhaust; when you upgrade to Scorpion you are paying for quality R&D, the finest hand selected materials, extensive testing and for the skill of an automotive engineer.

Scorpion exhausts will provide a real difference to your driving experience with their lighweight exhausts developed with a premium design.

Weight saving

Many of the exhausts from scorpion weigh less than their OEM counterparts, and you'll enjoy better performance from this reduction in weight.

Full or part aftermarket Exhausts from Scorpion

Tuning enthusiasts around the world are installing a Scorpion aftermarket exhaust to improve the drive and feel of their vehicle. Whether you're looking for a catback exhaust or a full system you will

What is Red power?

Red Power evokes the passion, performance and heat of competition drawn from over 20 years of motorsport tuning and racing success. It embodies Scorpion’s drive for continuous engineering superiority, product and performance refinement, and, above all, sheer riding and driving enjoyment. Red Power is even built into the product itself, a select number of systems featuring Red Power tip inlays to distinguish our special products - a unique way to identify Scorpion from the rear; the only view other traffic (or race competitors) usually get of a moving vehicle. For them the message is clear: “Back off, or get Stung!”

Red power is something which can't be seen or touched nor is it a statistic on a piece of paper; it’s how ownership of a Scorpion exhaust makes you feel, how a unique synergy of construction, aesthetics, performance and sound is delivered.

Approved Scorpion Exhaust Dealer & Installer

Progressive parts are an approved Scorpion Exhaust dealer and if you're looking to get it fitted we can install it for you on site in our performance centre.

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