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JB4 Tuning Box

The JB4 is a performance tuning box that can be installed on a range of vehicles (if you buy the one that fits your make and model) allowing you to tweak the performance of your car. the JB4 comes with a range of different performance maps available for you to choose from depending on the hardware installed on your vehicle, if you've already added a significant amount of tuning hardware to your vehicle the JB4 also allows you to have a custom map.

Burger Motorsport Tunes

Depending on the make and model your Burger Motorsport tuning box has been installed on, there are up to 8 different maps you can choose to run with based on your needs and whether you're looking for additional economy or extra power out of the engine.

Official Burger Motorsport Distributors

When it comes to changing the software on your vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that's you're using genuine products that have been developed to safely affect the performance of your car because let’s face it - no one wants to replace a blown engine. you can have total peace of mind when purchasing any Burger Motorsport product from Progressive Parts knowing that we are an approved and official distributor for the brand.

JB4 Installers Progressive Parts

If you are local to the Progressive Parts garage or you're willing to travel to the Northwest to have your JB4 installed, then get in touch and we can have it installed for you for a small fee.

JB4 and Burger Motorsport Parts on Klarna

We know that tuning your car can be quite a costly venture so if you are looking to spread the cost of your investment then we've partnered with Klarna allowing you to do just that over a set number of months that works for you.

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