Eventuri are on the cutting edge of performance when it comes to vehicle intake performance. Lots of people talk about getting more power out of their vehicle with an aftermarket intake but Eventuri are one of the few that back it up with data and gains in the form of additional power.

Performance gains with Eventuri intakes

Eventuri are one of the best performance intake manufacturers who have spent years developing their products, they are one of few who can back up their claims of significantly improved performance on a dyno with the addition of one of their intakes.

Aftermarket intakes that provide efficient airflow path

Eventuri delivers this increased performance by using in-house R&D facilities to produce intakes that can provide a significantly improved and much more efficient airflow path, allowing for a greater volume of air into the engine and cooler intake temperatures.

Make your engine bay look even better

Eventuri carbon intakes take your engine bay game to the next level, crafted to outperform the competition it will also look like a piece of art the next time you want to show off your engine bay.

Eventuri on Klarna

To be able to extract the performance out of your vehicle in the way that an Eventuri intake can, it does come at a price. Spread that cost with Klarna available at Progressive Parts.

Eventuri Distributors & Installers

Progressive Parts are proud authorised Eventuri dealers and if you’re happy to bring your vehicle to our performance centre in the NW of England (in Manchester) then we’re also happy to install your new Eventuri intake so you can enjoy it on the drive home.

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