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Resonator Delete Pipes – Do they drone? What you need to know…

Do resonator delete pipes drone

“Will the resontator delete pipe drone?”

A question we’re asked on a daily basis, one with a lot of misconceptions and rumours surrounding it. So here are facts to bear in mind;

Will this kit that I’m buying specifically to make my exhaust louder make it louder?
ANSWER – Yes it will.

If I remove the section of the stock exhaust system specifically designed to reduce the exhaust drone, is there a chance it will drone at certain speeds/RPM?
ANSWER – Yes of course.

So what exactly is drone?

Drone is a point at which the exhaust note resonates in the cabin and creates a noise which some drivers dislike, so the decibels and frequency can be slightly different depending on the driver and the car.

Now having said all this there are certain things that can be done in order to minimise the drone when removing a resonator and this is where you pay the difference between someone who just wants to kink a pipe and throw it on a car and a company who has designed a product to do a specific job, who have taken the time to do the research, development and testing to make the product the best it can be.

Concepts like anti-drone tanks, flaring of the pipes, pipe diameter and even the pipe wall thickness will all have slight impacts on the frequency and the point at which the sound becomes annoying. The VAGSport resonator delete pipes have been specifically designed to reduce the drone at motorway cruising speeds on UK roads (70mph), this is because if you’re in the car for a short journey then a bit of sporty noise isn’t a bad thing for most drivers, but If you’re cruising from Milton Keynes to Scotland then you don’t want the vehicle to drone in the cabin.

VAGSport spent a great deal of time testing the res deletes and even invited members of the VAG owners groups/clubs down to try and test their prototypes. These included different diameter pipes and pipes with anti drone tanks. Whilst it was found that an anti drone tank did reduce the drone very slightly it did also detract from the sporty tone slightly too. The unanimous conclusion was that the large borers delete that we see in the current range offered the optimum sound while still keeping the drone to a minimum. In fact it was noticed that there was more road noise from the tyres on a rough motorway patch than there was from the exhaust.

The 2nd generation VAGsport resonator deletes are now CNC mandrel bent from one single piece, this has several benefits over other kits:

  • It eliminates the welds and makes it the smoothest delete kit on the market today.
  • Extensive and continued research and development to make the kits the best they can be.
  • At 70mm it is also one of the largest bores available and is suitable for Stage 3 tuning.
  • The CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machined steel creates a precision fit.
  • The clamp design means you can re-fit the original resonator with all the kit provided very quickly without having to pay for extra sleeves/clamps or fabrication.
  • Beautifully brushed finish because even though its going under your car VAG Sport believe that the attention to detail is important.

In summary

As with pretty much anything in the motorsport world, you get what you pay for. In our opinion, you’re modifying the thing you love, we all love our cars and if you want to optimise it and you want it to be the best it can be then you’ll spend the money on it. The smart modifier does his research, weighs up the pros and cons and buys products that offer value for money.

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