Cupra 290 (GPF) Revo Stage 1 Install & Performance

Developed from the ground up we’re extremely proud to give this Cupra the Revo treatment, but how did it perform?

When the GPF-equipped vehicles hit the market it was unclear as to what potential these vehicles still had for tuning with the device remaining intact. Would they overheat? Would they restrict flow? An extensive research and development has revealed all during Revo’s devoted global development program which has taken their ‘test-mule’ Cupra around the world, tested in different altitudes and climates to deliver an unbreakable solution while maintaining the driveability a reputation is built on.

It’s been a labour of love, it may be tempting for many a business to rush a product to market and fix the faults later, but this is not in Revo’s core ethos, and it’s been well worth the wait.

The Software

  • Performance increased to 370BHP & 500NM
  • OEM quoted power 286BHP & 380NM
  • Stage 1 GAINS +84BHP & +120NM
  • Switchable Software – 3 Performance modes & anti-theft
  • Specifically tuned for 95, 97 and 99 RON fuels
  • Speed limit unlock
  • Cold start protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Enhanced turbine control
  • Recalibrated gauges for extra performance
  • OBD port installation
  • Designed to work with the stock DQ381 gearbox

The Hardware

No hardware is mandatory for Revo’s stage 1 calibration but there are many modifications that can compliment the setup, upgrading the Cupra’s intake can add great gains to the setup. This vehicle had the following hardware fitted to improve power and sound.

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if you do own a DSG gearbox and you’re going after more power then consider a DSG tune to help take advantage of that power. Check out our post about the DSG Gearbox to learn more.

Fuel Quality is Important…

To achieve the great figures quoted, an even better drive and the famed Revo reliability, high quality petrol is imperative. We could write an entire article on the technical aspects (in fact, we might just do that… watch this space!). But as of this article the UK has 2 reliable sources of 99Ron fuel, Shell’s V-Power 99 and Tesco Momentum 99, the latter of which achieved with an additive so consistency should be monitored, but good results are yielded nonetheless and the financial outlay will reward you with power and increased economy.

Stage 1 Power (BHP)

Cupra Power Graph

Stage 1 Torque (NM)

The Results

An explosive Cupra, quick off the line, power throughout the rev range and quite frankly, devastating figures.

Performance increased to 370BHP & 500NM


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2 thoughts on “Cupra 290 (GPF) Revo Stage 1 Install & Performance

  1. cameron bragg says:

    Just looking at the Revo remap for the 2019 cupra with gpf and when looking at the bhp graph it doesn’t seem to go above 325bhp with 99ron fuel yet it gets the claimed 500nm? Just slightly confused as it says the car can get 370bhp?

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