Originally focusing on ECU maps/tuning software Revo quickly made a name for themselves as a reliable Volkswagen/Audi group & Ford tuner, one of the best in the business. Their reputation has since rocketed and the robust turbo’s, air filtration, braking and cooling technology brought to you today are a testament to the advanced level of research and development that goes into every Revo product. #onlythedriven

Performance and Power packages from Revo

Designed for those who want the ultimate experience; refined drivability, exhilarating power delivery and crisp response low down and at the red-line.

Revo MQB 2.0TSI Performance Pack (IS38 Turbo) - Mk7 Golf 'R'/S3/TTS/Mk3 Cupra, , , , , , , , , , , , , £718.80£4,011.60 inc. VAT
Revo MQB 2.0TSI Performance Pack (IS20 Turbo) - Mk7 Golf GTI, Audi TT/A3, Mk3 Octavia VRS, , , , , , , , , , , , , £718.80£4,011.60 inc. VAT
Revo Audi A4/A5 B9 2.0TFSI Performance Pack, , , , £718.80£2,610.00 inc. VAT