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Stage 1 VAG EA888 Gen.4 (2020+) Performance Software

Base prices include software only, addiitonal hardware and fitting costs may apply for projects after Stage 1

*Power figures quote can be dependant on a number of factors including fuel quality, engine history & health, extra performance hardware added and ambient atmospheric conditions the vehicle is operating under.


Stage 1 VAG EA888 Gen.4 (2020+) Performance Remap

Stage 1 is all about delivering a transformative power & torque gain, but with no mechanical changes needed. Exceptionally strong, safe gains for the higher-output 300/310/320ps 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen.4

Looking for Extra Power? (~ +20-30bhp)

  • Upgraded Air Intake System
  • Intercooler
  • Boost Pipes

*Exhaust changes not required, all software is designed to keep stock emission control systems in place.


  • VW Golf 8 R/GTI Clubsport 2020+
  • VW Tiguan II R 2.0 TSI 320ps 2020+
  • Audi S3 8Y 2020+
  • Audi SQ2 (facelift EA888.4) 2021+
  • Cupra Leon IV 300 TSI FW 2020+
  • Cupra Ateca IV 300 TSI (Facelift) FW 2021+
  • Cupra Formentor 300 TSI FW 2020+

High Torque vs Lower Torque.

As you can see above, we offer each stage of calibration in either High Torque and Lower Torque configurations. Both maps reach the same peak power, but the Lower Torque option is torque limited in the lower-mid range to protect your clutches (if TCU not installed). Additionally, we cap torque when launching on cars with stock TCU to protect the stock gearbox.. So which is the right choice for you?

Firstly, the High Torque calibration must be run with our TCU DSG tune to get the best from it. If TCU is currently not available for your car (see below) we recommend the Lower Torque calibration. Of course, you can upgrade to the High Torque for free in future if you later install TCU tuning when it becomes available for your car.

We also recommend the Lower Torque calibration for FWD cars. As the power and torque delivery is more linear than the High Torque map, it helps to maintain traction and ultimately makes the car more drivable.

Finally, for 6MT manual transmission cars, the Lower Torque calibration will protect the stock factory clutch – a known weak point in these cars running high power. And of course you can upgrade to High Output for free in future if you fit a stronger aftermarket clutch.

Whether you choose high or lower torque maps, our careful development program has resulted in these higher states of tune operating a capped turbo speed to help protect the stock hardware. Without this turbine speed protection feature keeping the power in check, turbo rpm can overspeed – potentially leading to premature failure. A good protection feature!


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STOCK ORDER - Reserve Now

Stock required for this product, delays in getting parts to our valued customers may occur.

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Great additions to this vehicle...

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