About Progressive Parts

The team at Progressive Parts have a combined knowledge of over 50 years in the Automotive industry. The principal directors include:

Mark Brown – Mark has grown up in a garage environment. From the age of 8 he was sweeping the floors in the family workshop that began back in 1974. Cars have always been his passion and he has been tuning them since before he could drive. From here he studied Product Design Engineering and Innovation at Sheffield University before returning and taking over the family business. From here he has built an exceptional reputation in the Industry making friends and colleagues across the country including like minded technicians and suppliers who demanded quality product . While building his business he noticed there was a void in the market for fast reliable delivery of performance parts.

Ben  Thomas – Ben is our resident tech guru and the real genius behind bringing PP to the public. With a background in web design, user experience and marketing Ben became a customer of Marks many years ago, his passion for cars and perfection were immediately evident and they got on very well. This developed into a B2B relationship when Ben began developing Marks garage sites and other brands.

A garage parts supply is very different to Joe public’s parts supply because people simply cannot do without their cars anymore. This means they put a lot of pressure onto their garage to get the job done quickly and this in turn makes the garage put pressure on their parts supplier to get all deliveries correct first time. Essentially making garages the most demanding customer a supplier can have! We noted that there were not many places capable of looking up and cataloging performance parts as well as regular parts, which does not make for great reliability and customer service! Therefore we decided to do it ourselves.

We began by opening up accounts directly with the manufacturers and distributors and supplying local garages. From here we began supplying customers and decided we could take all our expertise and knowledge and sell directly to the general public.

Progressive Parts was set up to supply the most demanding customers in the industry – GARAGES. From here we developed the site to supply the general public too initially supplying exhausts online from companies such as Scorpion, Milltek Sport and Kline for the top end supercar applications.

With the combined experience in our team we know what it takes to not only supply parts but we have a vast knowledge of what the parts we sell do and how to make the most of them.