VAG Specialists LEYO Motorsport now at Progressive Parts

Being a performance parts supplier we often enjoy exploring far and wide for the latest innovations manufacturers

Something’s got to be special to be pretty special to take our interest, but if a product with potential is not yet tried and tested we invest in this aspect. So when our friends at VAG Manchester turned up with a load of goodies from a small company called LEYO saying they had tried some of the products with excellent results we were immediately excited.

LEYO Motorsport UK Supplier

The first thing we noticed was the packaging, it didn’t matter if we were opening the RS3 intake or a billet aluminium dress up kit for the Mk7 Golf, the box makes you think you’re opening a quality product, the best analogy I could give you was opening an iPhone product from Apple.Packaging

Whenever something is THAT well packaged I always get a little sceptical and something in me almost wants the product inside to fall short but somewhat annoyingly the collar matched the cuffs and this little company from the east seems to be producing exceptionally well made and finished products. Couple this with the reports from VAG Manchester that the fit and gains are there too and you have the makings of a cracking manufacturer.

Their range currently covers mainly MQB but with more and more products coming out monthly we’re predicting big things from this little company. Keep your eyes peeled for the LEYO Motorsport range expanding fast at Progressive Parts!

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