The Revo air intakes that could be instrumental in bolstering your MQB vehicle’s performance

We have written previously here at Progressive Parts about our great respect for Revo hardware and software alike – and certainly as far as the former is concerned, this highly acclaimed brand’s air intake systems have been key in building such a reputation.

There are few easier modifications that can be made to your vehicle than the replacement of its stock air filter with a performance induction kit to unlock greater potential from the engine.

It may therefore be of considerable interest for you to learn about the specialised air intake systems that Revo has produced for vehicles on the MQB platform.

Introducing the exacting quality of the Carbon Series system  

In short, we presently stock two air intake systems by Revo of appeal to owners of MQB vehicles such as the Volkswagen Golf Mk7, SEAT Leon Cupra and Audi A3, S3, TT or TTS.

Those are the sophisticated Carbon Series and open cone variants, which can both be fitted with a front scoop and deliver proven performance enhancements, while exuding the impeccable all-round standards of quality, design and development that one would expect from Revo.

This is certainly evident from one glance at the Carbon Series MQB air intake system, for instance, which is gorgeously crafted from the highest-quality 3K carbon. You can choose between a matt and gloss finish for this striking addition to your engine bay, with the full kit consisting of a matching Carbon Series front scoop, lid, back-pipe and Pro-Panel filter.

In short, the Carbon Series system is the perfect choice when you are looking to directly replace restrictive OEM components with a solution that bolsters air-flow efficiency, decreases turbulence and delivers impressive results compared to a standard set-up.


Revo MQB Intake


Alternatively, consider the better-value open cone solution

As formidable as the Carbon Series intake system is, another product reflective of Revo’s dedication to serving the most specific performance and other requirements of MQB vehicle owners is undoubtedly its open cone air intake system for the 2.0T Gen3 engine.

In common with its Carbon Series counterpart, the open cone kit can be depended on to noticeably improve performance; back-to-back testing of this Revo system in comparison with the stock air intake arrangement showed improvement throughout the entire rev range.

However, this system is just as attractive for the aggressive intake sound that it delivers, as well as its superior price point compared to the Carbon Series product. Included in the kit are a silicone hose, aluminium pipe, heat shield, filter, machined turbo coupler and fitting kit.



Trust Revo and Progressive Parts for your MQB modification essentials

The discerning in-house design process and rigorous testing that apply to all Revo products should give you the utmost confidence when you are looking to enhance the visual appeal of your engine bay and achieve good performance improvements with the help of one of the brand’s highly regarded air intake systems.

A solution that works in harmony with your MQB vehicle and Revo software is assured – and when you purchase yours from Progressive Parts, you can also take advantage of our price-match promise, the fitting services that can be provided at our Manchester workshop, and the swift global shipping services for which we are also renowned.

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