The best exhaust systems for the Audi S3 8V

Best Audi S3 Exhaust System

If you’ve got an S3 you know that they’re incredible cars in terms of price for performance, but they can sound pretty disappointing. To remedy this, we’ve got a wide range of exhausts for all shapes and years of the S3. Before you buy you have to consider a few factors such as; which model/body shape S3 that you’ve got, what your budget is and what kind of results you are wanting (sound and performance etc). Our recommendations below are based on our years of experience and the feedback provided by customers.

S3 Model/Year

There are three versions of the S3 8V without going in to shape yet; 

2013-2017 and has 300ps.

2017-2018 Facelift which has 310ps

2019+ Facelift with the GPF filter which went back down to 300ps

The main thing to notice is the change in the headlights which indicate whether the car is a facelift model or not.

Pre facelift


S3 Saloon or S3 Sportback

Because of the different fitment required an exhaust made for the sportback will not fit on the saloon version of the S3 this is why it’s important to check and ensure that the exhaust will fit your vehicle. It should be very obvious which variant you’ve got, essentially if it’s got 



Exhausts are expensive bits of kit that cost a lot of money to ship (and return), if you are unsure for any reason which exhaust is for you then please give us a call, our experts would be happy to assist you and help you work out which S3 you have and also advise on the style of the exhaust based on what you’re looking for.

Audi S3 Resonator Delete

If you aren’t ready to shell out on a full exhaust system you can try a res delete which will improve airflow, enhance the exhaust note and you may even potentially see some slight performance improvement although this will be neglible.This kit will fit the entire S3 range including the GPF equipped cars.

Best Audi S3 Exhaust (GPF 2019+)

Best Audi S3 Saloon Exhaust (Pre Facelift & Facelift 2013-2018)

Best Audi S3 Sportback Exhaust (Pre Facelift & Facelift 2013-2018)

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