The Best Air Intake Systems for the VW Mk7 Golf ‘R’ & GTI

Looking for what are the top intakes right now for the Golf ‘R’? Progressive Parts stock a vast array of air intake kits, designed and developed across the world and including compatibility for the powerful MQB platform which boats some great vehicles including the Mk7 Golf R, GTI, Audi S3/TTS, Skoda Octavia Mk3 VRS, Seat Cupra 280/290/300.

So which one tops our charts?

For us, the Racingline R600 tops its class in form AND function. As a stand-alone cold air intake the R600 boasts a sleak design, making full use of the front grill scoop (partially blocked/divided from stock) and a free-flowing high performance filter component cleverly designed to spec by ITG.

Easy to clean and maintain the R600 also handles heat in the engine bay well, keeping it’s cold air supply as separate as possible from the hot air circulating the engine and turbo. Coupled with Racingline’s Intake Hose and Turbo Elbow, a perfect performance harmony is created.

Top Air Intake Packages

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