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The Revo air intakes that could be instrumental in bolstering your MQB vehicle’s performance

We have written previously here at Progressive Parts about our great respect for Revo hardware and software alike – and certainly as far as the former is concerned, this highly acclaimed brand’s air intake systems have been key in building such a reputation. There are few easier modifications that can be made to your vehicle […]

How to increase stopping power and how Big Brake Kits benefit your vehicle

Checking out the ‘Big Brake Kits’ Stopping your car is just as important as making it go fast, and even all of the power in the world won’t serve you very well if your vehicle’s stock brakes just aren’t up to the job. In fact, not only do performance brake pads resist fading much better […]

About the Revo Upgrade Program

Current Upgrade Plan Customers with currently installed Revo software can upgrade to the next stage (or above) for the difference in cost between the different stages. (Stage 2 cost – Stage 1 cost = Upgrade Price) You will not have to pay the full price for software when you have already purchased Revo software and […]

Revo is back in Manchester, what you should know…

Revo Tuning Manchester - Remap

Once again, we’re extremely proud to announce, Revo’s world-renowned software is finally here. Progressive Parts we have been a Revo hardware dealer in Manchester for many years, but now with the workshop and specialist trained technicians we are able to offer the software to compliment it. Why Revo? So why did we choose to work […]

Welcome Revo

Revo S5

Just when you thought we couldn’t get any more top brands online Progressive Parts are extremely proud to introduce Revo hardware to our already impressive line-up. Back in 2002 When Revo started up they generally concentrated on software and quickly made a name for themselves in the VAG world providing top of the range software […]