Scorpion Performance Exhaust Supplier in Manchester

Scorpion UK Dealer

Progressive Parts are extremely proud to be named as one of Scorpion exhaust’s major suppliers in Manchester and distributors throughout the UK.

So why are we so proud and what makes Scorpion superior to the competition?

As performance car exhaust suppliers go Scorpion are one of the founder members of the industry, their innovative approach has made them the go to brand for many motorsport teams both in 2 and 4 wheels disciplines. From their early days of supporting BTCC teams right up to present day being technical partners for the BMW Mini challenge series Scorpion have used their many years of racing experience to delivery true track to road technology throughout it’s extensive range of high performance exhausts systems. Now in their 26th year unlike other companies who change hands, they often have shareholders to satisfy which can potentially damage quality or reputation. In the last few years, we have observed many such companies fall from grace due principally to their apparent drop in quality control. Recently even some of the largest suppliers have been found to be moving production offshore to the likes of China in order to save on production costs and maximise profits. Worse still some of the ebay specials actually wait for companies like scorpion to develop a product then buy one and send it off to China to be copied. The results of these cut backs are –

  • Welds failing.
  • Exhaust systems that do not fit well
  • Items missing from boxes
  • Sometimes even a drop in performance rather than an increase

all this while still demanding a premium price tag. This is where Scorpion Exhausts differ.

As soon as you see a Scorpion product it is obvious that the quality is exceptional. Precision TIG welded 304 or 316 stainless steel, the polished silencers are proudly embossed with Scorpion’s logos, part numbers and even the pipes sport the Scorpion identity tag. Then there is the sound, distinctly unique Scorpion exhausts sound powerful without the usual boy racer boom that some other exhaust systems feature. Their research and development program is extensive, taking weeks and sometimes months to develop a system to it’s optimal level. All systems are built, dyno tested, adjusted, tuned, dyno tested again, and so on until the optimum design, flow and sound is achieved.

MD Shaun is an engineer by trade and began designing and building exhausts on the shop floor. To some this may seem trivial however from another engineer I can tell you we are a strange breed indeed with a massive sense of pride in anything they design and build. The phrase “That will do” simply does not compute and that is the principal difference that you will find with Scorpion.

Recently Shaun took a trip to PP HQ in order to meet out team and view our facilities. This alone says a great deal about the man and the company. Most business owners of this size are on a yacht somewhere, but not Shaun. He’s on the roads meeting dealers, adding that personal touch to his suppliers but more importantly scrutinising them, checking their ethos and customer service are up to standard because any supplier of his parts reflects on him.

His enthusiasm is infectious and we cannot wait to visit Scorpion HQ in Derby again later this year. Proudly made in Great Britain by an owner and team who care passionately about their product and reputation. Now distributed by one of the best sales teams in the industry. Sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

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