Revo Stage 1 Package – Seat Ibiza Cupra (Mk4) 1.8 TSI

Base prices include software only, addiitonal hardware & fitting costs may for projects after Stage 1

*Power figures quote can be dependant on a number of factors including fuel quality, engine history & health, extra performance hardware added and ambient atmospheric conditions the vehicle is operating under.


Seat Ibiza Cupra (Mk4) Remap

Revo Stage 1 Software gives the Seat Ibiza Cupra a new lease of life and provides the power and torque you expect from a model donning the infamous badge. There’s more to Revo software than just a power increase; we’ve enhanced the driving experience by reworking everything from power delivery to throttle response and input giving you a more refined, powerful and exciting car to drive.

1.8 TSI Engine

2015 saw the release of the new Ibiza Cupra with an updated 1.8 TSI engine. Putting out an impressive 192 PS and 185 LBFT and available as a manual, it’s a step up from the previous 1.4l DSG-only..

Revo Stage 1 Software offers the performance and driveability you expect from a GTI. Thousands of development miles have gone into unlocking the true potential of the Ibiza Cupra, the extra 55 PS and 39 LBFT of torque brings the car to life and offers more urgent and consistent power delivery.

Performance Times

Performance testing was carried out on a private track in the UK with an ambient temperature of 19ºC. 2016 VW Polo GTI 1.8 TSI with a manual transmission, stock wheels with road tires, traction control off and pump 98RON Shell vPower fuel. The average performance times are taken from 9 consecutive runs.

0-60 mph
Stock (Average) 6.38s
Stock (Best) 6.28s
Revo Stage 1 5.90s

Performance Data

  • Peak WHP: 225 WHP @ 6100 RPM
  • Peak NM: 312 NM @ 3500 RPM
  • Max WHP Gain: +55 WHP @ 6100 RPM
  • Max NM Gain: +71 NM @ 4200 RPM

Technical Data

  • DSG7 is torqued Limited to 310NM
  • Speed Limit Removed
  • Anti-Theft Option
  • Switchable Software

What’s included?

Cold Start Protection

For engine oil to work effectively and lubricate your engine it needs time to warm up. When you first start your car, the cold oil is at its thickest, producing higher oil pressure when pumped around the engine putting extra pressure on oil seals. As the engine temperature increases, so does oil temperature. This thins the oil, enabling it to run more freely and better lubricate the moving parts of your engine. Cold Start Protection helps protect engine components by limiting turbo boost based on RPM and oil temperature until it reaches the 80ºC optimum operating level.

Temperature Protection

Revo Temperature Protection is an additional safety feature that reduces overall load as the oil temperature passes a set limit. Exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) are also monitored, adapting the operating conditions (Air Fuel Ratio) to ensure they stay within safe parameters. If EGT’s reach a set upper limit, then power is automatically reduced until the engine returns to a safe operating temperature.

Gauge Reconfiguration

The gauges on the centre console & instrument cluster have been reconfigured to display a true representation of the increased performance. The stock default values for manifold pressure and engine power have been raised.

Recommended Upgrades

  • Upgraded Air Intake System
  • TCU Software (DSG Transmission)


  • Seat Ibiza Cupra (192ps)

Switchable Software Options (SPS)

3 Performance Modes + Anti-theft


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