Revo is back in Manchester, what you should know…

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Once again, we’re extremely proud to announce, Revo’s world-renowned software is finally here. Progressive Parts we have been a Revo hardware dealer in Manchester for many years, but now with the workshop and specialist trained technicians we are able to offer the software to compliment it.

Why Revo?

So why did we choose to work with Revo? Quite simply because we are drivers, not just salesmen. Why does this make a difference?

Revo’s approach to tuning is quite different to any other tuner we have met. Usually, the tuning game it is all about the figures and we fully understand why. It’s because unfortunately no matter how much we disagree with it, BHP sells products and in many peoples eyes more BHP = better. The unfaltering ethos ingrained in Revo’s heritage allowed them to buck this trend and stay true to their driving roots, creating tunes for real drivers, in real conditions, designed to perform consistently and without compromise.


Revo do not start on the Dyno in peak conditions and race level octane fuels on a cold English winters day. They invest heavily in the latest and greatest vehicles, sometimes even before we see them on the roads, and escape the hustle and bustle to their test road/track locations to start work.

Countless hours and miles are put into each vehicle, refining the power, the pull, the gearshifts, everything you feel when your driving until each element is rigorously tested… and then tested again. Once this stage is completed the car is then power tested on the dyno knowing the vehicle drives how it should. We spent some time down at Revo HQ in Northamptonshire and it was extremely refreshing to find a company that’s more bothered about their customers and how their cars drive rather than the online BHP race sweeping across social media/forums. Welcome #ONLYTHEDRIVEN

If you would like to learn about what Revo and Progressive Parts can do for your vehicle, fill in this form through the website and we’ll contact you with more information shortly.

Only the Driven

At PP HQ we have daily discussions (borderline arguments) about ECU software. We haven’t included the fly by night mobile mappers in this discussion as they’re not even on the radar, but there are plenty of great ‘off the shelf’ software providers out there, so how do you choose the right tuner for you?

The question we get asked about for nearly every part we sell is “how much BHP will this give me?”. We fully understand why this information is exciting and why it’s asked, but unfortunately, a misconception has been built up that more bhp will guarantee a car will be faster.

Revo tunes still produce phenomenal power, sometimes more than other software providers who are chasing figures, but not by design, and without pandering to the pressures of the world wide web keyboard heroes out to terrorise such businesses. Having spent time with their engineers it’s clear everyone involved is extremely passionate and focused on what they do. It would be narrow-minded to presume a tune designed for a quarter mile drag strip is going to be the most driveable for track or road use, and vice versa. Creating a calibration that performs time after time, run after run and lap after lap with no loss of power or compromise on drivability is alwasy the goal.

Revo Remap      Only the Drive

To us, this became obvious at VAGTuner Live 2018. There were a large number owners/tuners that had created hugely fast cars that ran really well for a lap or two then had to come in to cool down. While sitting around with their bonnet’s open the Revo demo cars were running for long sessions lap after lap after lap in extreme heat.

If you want to create a fast reliable consistent car built and tuned for a true driver then Revo is the choice for you.


TTRS & RSE Revo Software

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