How to increase stopping power and how Big Brake Kits benefit your vehicle

Checking out the ‘Big Brake Kits’

Stopping your car is just as important as making it go fast, and even all of the power in the world won’t serve you very well if your vehicle’s stock brakes just aren’t up to the job.

In fact, not only do performance brake pads resist fading much better than OEM brakes, thereby helping to make them safer, but they’ll also enable you to record faster track times, given that they usually stick better once they get hot. We recently had our own experience at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome in a demo Audi S3 that went some way to showing this, with the stock brakes fading very quickly and frankly proving to be less than adequate for performance requirements.

So, what ‘Big Brake Kits’ can we offer here at Progressive Parts that could be just the thing for shortening your stopping distances and in the process, also your lap times?

Revo could have just the thing to revolutionise your braking performance

Revo has long been a name that discerning drivers can trust when it comes to bolstering on-track performance – and sure enough, we have supplied this brand’s hardware for many years here at Progressive Parts.

The Big Brake Kit Upgrade that Revo can presently offer for MQB platform vehicles such as the Audi A3 (8v), SEAT Leon Mk3 (5F), Skoda Octavia Mk3 (5E) and Volkswagen Golf Mk7 is therefore likely to be well worth your consideration.

This brake kit has been developed by the world-leading brake manufacturer Alcon, and combines low rotational mass with improved pedal responsiveness and heightened on-track braking performance, as proven through extensive testing in various conditions.

VW Golf/Caddy MK5/6 Chassis BIG BRAKE KIT

Alternatively, place your faith in the pedigree of Racingline

Other options that we are proud to be able to supply right now here at Progressive Parts include the Stage 2 and Stage 3 MQB brake upgrades developed by Racingline. This is not least thanks to their ‘Monoblock’ design comprising, in layperson’s terms, a single piece of compressed aluminium that delivers less flex and superior heat dissipation.

The Stage 2 upgrade, for instance, has been designed exclusively for Volkswagen Group (VWG) cars to be an ultra-durable fast-road and track solution. These brakes draw upon Racingline’s decades of motorsport experience, combining outstanding stopping power with affordability.

Not surprisingly given the lightweight Monoblock construction that is usually associated with the highest-specification motorsport kits, this upgrade enables significant unsprung mass savings, with the calliper, pads and bracket assembly weighing less than half as much as the factory Golf 7R kit.

You can even choose between black and red callipers, the former being a great hue for R models, while the red calliper is colour-matched to the factory GTI.

Brakes don’t get much more formidable or advanced than these

But what if you’d like to get even more ambitious, with what surely has to be the most dramatic big brake kit available for MQB platform vehicles today? Well in that case, you’ll be excited to learn that Racingline’s eagerly anticipated Stage 3 Forged Monoblock Brake Kit can now be ordered.

It’s difficult to know where to start with any discussion of this truly top-level brake upgrade that we reckon is more evocative of a work of art than an aftermarket brake kit.

Well, there is one obvious place to start – the lightweight forged Monoblock callipers that are each a one-piece construction starting out from an ultra-strong forged billet. That’s as opposed to the more usual practice when it comes to aftermarket callipers, of bolting two halves together.

The advanced five-axis CNC manufacturing techniques used for this kit help to put it more on a par with elite motorsport components than the aftermarket parts you may be accustomed to purchasing for your MQB vehicle. As you might imagine, such incomparable design and engineering sophistication translates into nigh-on incomparable, supercar-esque performance.

Turn to a trusted VAG part supplier

With the Vagbremtechnic brand’s own renowned brake pad hardware for MQB chassis vehicles also soon to debut on our site, if you’re looking to enhance your pride and joy’s braking capabilities to levels you might have scarcely imagined – and at a good price, too – you don’t need to look further than Progressive Parts.

We’ve got everything in stock that you could require to transform your Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT or other VWG vehicle to new heights of speed, performance and driveability this year!

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