Workshop Services

Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda Servicing & Diagnostics

We offer a wide range of VW/Audi Group services. Let Manchester’s leading VAG experts handle the most crucial elements of your vehicles care. Services can be combined with fitting.
Please note, all prices are for 2.0L engines or less, please contact us directly for other quotes.

Full Service

Full Service with Genuine Parts

Timing Belt & Water Pump

Brake Fluid Change

Antifreeze Change

Supertracker Wheel Alignment

Front Differential Service

Haldex Service including Pump & Filter Clean and Software Check [MQB]

DSG Service [MQB]

Coolant Pump Leak Fix [MQB]











Prices include VAT.

Aftermarket Fitting Services

Have big dreams for your vehicle? We’re here to help! Choose from our extensive range of performance parts and packages to get the very best deals on fitting, be sure to contact us in advance if you’re planning to have multiple parts fitted, we may be able to save you money!

Please note, prices quoted apply to supplied parts. Can’t find what you’re looking for on our online shop? We have extensive trade supply networks

Exhaust Downpipe

Cat-back Exhaust Systems

Resonator Delete Kits

Lowering Springs

Intake Systems


Brakes – Discs & Pads (Front or Rear)









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