Audi Performance Tuning Parts

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Looking to get more power from your Audi? we’ve got the tuning parts you need to take your car to the next level.

S3 (8V) 2012-2020 RS3 (8V) 2015-present TTS (8S) 2014-present A3 (8V) 2012-2020 A3 (8P) 2003-2013 TT (8S) 2014-present TT RS (8S) 2016-present S3 (8P) 2006-2013 S3 (8Y) 2020-present TT (8J) 2006-2014 RS5 (B9) 2017-present A4 (B9) 2015-present A4 (B8) 2007-2016 S4 (B9) 2017-present A4 (B6/B7) 2001-2009 A5 (B8) 2007-2016 S1 (8X) 2014-2018 S5 (B9) 2017-present RS3 (8P) 2011-2013 TT RS (8J) 2009-2014 TT (8N) 1998-2006 RS3 (8Y) 2021-present RS4 (B9) - 2018-present A5 (B9) 2016-present TTS (8J) 2008-2014 A6 (C7) 2011-2018 SQ2 2018-present S4 (B8) 2009-2015 A1 (8X) 2010-2018 RS6 (C7) 2013-2018 S3 (8L) 1999-2003 S5 (B8) 2007-2016 A1 (GB) 2018-present A3 (8Y) 2020-present A3 (8L) 1996-2003 Q2 2016-2020 RS Q3 (F3) 2018-present S6 (C7) 2012-2018 Q3 (F3) 2018-present A6 (C8) 2018-present A4 (B5) 1994-2001 S7 (C7) 2012-2019 RS6 (C8) 2019-present RS7 (C7) 2013-2017 RS4 (B5) 2000-2001 RS6 (C5) 2002-2004 RS4 (B6/B7) 2005-2009 A6 (C6) 2004-2011 Q3 (8U) 2011-2018 S8 (D4) 2012-2017 A7 (C7) 2010-2017 S4 (B6/B7) 2003-2009 S4 (B5) 1997-2001 SQ5 (FY) 2017-2018 R8 (4S) 2015-present Q5 (8R) 2008-2017 RS5 (B8 - 8T) 2010-2015 R8 (42) 2007-2015 A8 (D4) 2010-2017 RS Q3 (8U) 2013-2018 SQ5 (8R) 2012-2017 A6 (C5) 1997-2005 A7 (C8) 2018-present RS4 (B8) 2012-2015 RS6 (C6) 2008-2011 Q5 (FY) 2017-present A6 (C4) 1994-1997 RS Q8 (4MN) 2020–present RS7 (C8) 2019-present Q8 (4MN) 2018–present Universal (Audi) Q7 (4M) 2015-present S6 (C8) 2018-present SQ7 (4M) 2017-2018 S8 (D3) 2002-2010 S6 (C6) 2006-2011 S7 (C8) 2019-present e-tron 2018-present Q7 (4L) 2005-2015 e-tron GT 2021-present